Archiving IMAP messages in Outlook 2007/2010/2013 If your IMAP mailbox is full or is approaching the disk usage limit for your account, you may... Changing form POP to IMAP If you still collect your emails usign POP but are using multiple devices to access your emails... Creating a signature in your web based mail Creating an Email Signature in WebMail Log into your Webmail. From the  dashboard, click on... General Email Server Settings You can access all email accounts hosted on our servers using either web based mail or your... How do I access my WebMail? All clients that host their domains email accounts with us have web based access to their email... How to forward an email as an attachment When we are trying to help identify email spam and routing issues it is important that the email... How to set up a vacation message in DirectAdmin With our hosting you can set up a vacation or out of office message on the server so the messages... I can't receive my Yahoo Groups message There is a very interesting article on all this at on the SPAM Cop forum. One suggestion they... Understanding Non-delivery Reports (NDR's) If you have sent an email to someone who we host and and it has bounced you should have received... Using our AntiSpam and AntiVirus for email We take a lot of time and effort to carefully configure all our servers to minimise the amount of... The difference between POP & IMAP If you are using SlightlyDifferent Email and are setting up your email software (e.g., Mac Mail,...
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