Using our AntiSpam and AntiVirus for email

We take a lot of time and effort to carefully configure all our servers to minimise the amount of spam and viruses you receive in your email.  It is nearly impossible to stopped all spam at this level so for a few (5 or 10) spam message to get through each day will get through each day.  If you are getting more than this or would like to try and block these few then there are ways you can configure and train the antispam system as detailed below.


All messages are scanned for known viruses and any with viruses automaticallt stopped and notified back to the sender.  This is a zero configuration process we manage for you.


We do a lot of fully automated anti-spam for you before any messages are received, this includes, to name a few:
  • Blocking messages sent from email servers that are blacklisted as known sources of spam (RBL's)
  • Blocking messages sent from servers that are known to not be allowed for the senders domain (SPF)
  • Blocking messages that are not correctly signed where the senders domain using domain keys (DKIM)
  • Scoring each message (it's content, attachments, etc) against a complex set of spam detection rules
  • Blocking messages over a certain score; which you can configure
  • Flagging message under that score but above another you can configure as spam in the subject line

However, you can configure some of the above via your web hosting control panel plus set up your own blocking rules at a domain level.  You can also train the spam system as to what you consider spam at a mailbox (individual email account) level.

So here's how to improve your spam protection:

1. Configuring what spam scores you consider to be likely to be spam and definitely be spam

  • Login to your web hosting control panel at https://{yourserver}
  • Under "E-mail Management" click "Spamassassin Setup"
  • "What score threshold do you wish to use?" is what will get flagged as spam.  5 is a good starting point for this.  Any less and real messages may get flagged as spam (false positives)
  • "Would you like to delete high scoring spam?" is what get blocked as definitely being spam. 7 is a good starting point for this.
  • If you then tick "yes" under "Do you wish to rewrite the subject of a spam email?" anything that scores between 5 and 7 will get the subject line changed so you can easily spot what the system is thinking is likely to be spam but not stringly enough to delete it with confidence.

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