Hosting Packages NZ

LittleFish Web Hosting, NZ Servers

Ideal for simple static websites
The ideal budget web hosting package for companies wanting to gain a presence on the Internet and get their corporate email accounts working but without the need for full database driven hosting.

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BigFish Web Hosting, NZ Servers

Room to grow for serious web sites

An ideal web hosting solution for most of today's readily available web applications such as ecommerce, blogs, directories or anything else that require high performance and functionality.

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WebEasy Hosting, NZ Servers

This hosting is specifically for use with our WebEasy managed web site solution and provides all of the email features you get with BigFish coupled with the system management of a WebEasy web site

Whopper Web Hosting, NZ Servers

Custom built for those wanting more

More disk space for even more web pages, documents or data storage. More bandwidth for more traffic and visitors. Web hosting with room to grow!

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