Making your CGI script executable

Some scripts require that the files are set to executable (chmod 755) and this guide will help you.


  1. Connect to your web server with your SSH software such as Putty
  2. Change directory with cd directory
  3. Type chmod 755 * to change mode for all files in that directory. If you only want to change mode for a special type of file your can use chmod 755 *.txt *.dat or chmod 755 filename.ext.

In this example we're going to use WS FTP, but you can use any other FTP software that support chmod UNIX.

  1. Connect to your server and upload the file in ASCII mode
  2. Select the file and right click on it
  3. Select Chmod UNIX in the menu
  4. Check the checkboxes as described on the picture below

Remote file permissions

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