New systems coming!

  • 30th May 2012
Watch this space for a free service upgrade. Over the following weeks we will be putting new hardware in place for all our clients using new quad processor blade server technology, massively increased server memory capacity and extra resilience in the power supplies and storage. On top of this we will be trebling our international bandwidth ...
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Increased security

  • 8th March 2012
We have now added SSL (https) protection to all our portal and admin screens to improve security of all you personal data, passwords etc.  This will mean the web addresses of some of our systems have changed but we have done our best to automtically redirect these.  If you have any issues using the new secure system please contact ...
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Even more web space, now 2GB on our main package ...

  • 5th March 2012
We have just re-worked all our hosting solutions to give you even better value for money but with the same performance and service. Due to a new storage system we are now able to offer a massive 1GB of data storage with our most basic package, 2GB with our main stream offering (Big Fish) and a whopping 3GB with Whopper.  All at no extra cost and ...
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Backup capacity increased

  • 15th February 2012

We have today increased our backup capacity and move the full backup system to a Cloud based system so that it is toally independent of the data centre.  More space and more resilient.

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