What is an UDAI/EPP?

Unique Domain Authentication ID (UDAI) 

The Unique Domain Authentication ID, or UDAI, is a randomly generated unique identifier that is required to authenticate requests to transfer domain names from one registrar to another. A UDAI is generated when a domain name is registered, although the domain name's registrar can generate a new UDAI at any time if required. Registrars are obliged to promptly make UDAIs available to registrants upon request and may not withhold them to prevent a domain name from being transferred under any circumstances.

These are used for .NZ domains.

Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP)

The Extensible Provisioning Protocol, or EPP, is a flexible protocol designed for allocating objects within registries over the Internet.

The motivation for the creation of EPP was to create a robust and flexible protocol that could provide communication between domain name registries and domain name registrars. These transactions are required whenever a domain name is registered or renewed, thereby also preventing Domain hijacking.

These are used for international TLD's (.com, .org, .net, etc).

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