Upcoming WebEasy performance / database upgrades

  • Tuesday, 6th August, 2019
  • 11:49am

Now the upgrade of  server mars.slightlydifferent.co.nz is complete as phase one of our improved WordPress hosting platform we are moving onto further optimisations of the WebEasy managed Wordpress network.

At the moment everything is performing and scaling as it should with great response times.  However, we still want it to run even better.  So over the coming weeks we will be carrying out the following two phased upgrade:

Phase 1. Migrating the MySQL database driving the system to a dedicated cloud hosted DB server tuned to do nothing except server WordPress databases

Phase 2. Migrating the web server to a dedicated WordPress web server.  No shared hosting, no email hosting, no database, just Wordpress.  This will include an all new application stack built specifically for WordPress using Nginx with and Apache reverse proxy, Memcache, PHP 7.3 and a whole host of other Wordpress specific optimisations

Later in the year, once everything is cloud hosted, we then plan to introduce load balancing with multiple web servers.

Watch this space for the latest updates on our all new specialist Wordpress hosting platform.

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