SWIS / SHINES email hosting price increase

  • Wednesday, 3rd December, 2014
  • 11:45am
We have now hosted the members.SWIS and SHINES email only accounts for over 12 years since the demise of Plymouth based SWIS (South West Internet Services) who originally offered this service.

During this time we have not increased the price of the service in a bid to do our best to maintain the service inline with SWIS's original intentions while under not obligation or contract to do so.

However, the service has now become untenable for us at the current price so, as of the start of 2015, you will see a significant price increase in this service to bring it inline with our main stream services and in order to operate it on a sustainable basis.  The service will now cost 45GBP per annum as oppose to the orogonal 20GBP per annum.

This still represents a significant discount to our main stream "Email Only" service by operating them with electronis support only; as before.  This means that if you require any support for this service it can only be provided by emailing support@slightlydifferent.co.nz or by using our web based support desk system at http://www.slightlydifferent.co.nz/support/portal/.  If you would like access to telephone support then please contact us and we can arrange to upgrade you to our mainstream "Email Only" service which includes telephone support at a cost of 125GBP per annum.

I'm sorry that we have to finally increase the prices of this service but would rather that than stop providing the service and hope that all affected clients are happy with that.  If you would like to discontinue your use of the service then please email me at stephen@slightlydifferent.co.nz and I will arrange cancellation.

Kind regards

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